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News flash:

Version 1.21 - who needs CDRWin?

Since 1.20 was able to burn from a CUE/BIN file, I though "why not rip them as well"? Well ripping is the easy part, it's the cue file that's hard. I played around with the toc2cue that ships with cdrdao 1.17, but it failed on the first disk I tried (a vcd disk). Since I mainly use CUE/BIN files for vcd this just would not do. Another issue is that cdrdao only added toc2cue with version 1.17, and not everyone has that yet.

To this end I have created my own toc2cue script. It is not done yet, there are a couple data types not accounted for and a few odd quirks with audio, but it works great for vcd and data CDs.



Verion 1.20 - look what I can do!

CDRBQ has a new trick. Now you can use CDRBQ to burn CDs from cue/bin files with cdrdao.

This release is just one more step in the right direction. I want to make this the most complete cd burning utility for linux, but without making it too complex.



January 13, 2003 - Version 1.19 fixed now available.
This is not a new release, just fixed a small glitch which may cause CDRBQ to not work at all on some systems. If you downloaded 1.19 and have problems, please download this version.

January 12, 2003 - Version 1.19 now available.
Version 1.19 represents a major jump forward for cdrbq. The most noticable change is that cdrbq is all split up into pieces. Why is that you say? Well this is something that Ian had asked me to look into and rightly so, the bits code are now split out into modules which makes the code much easier to work on. Because of this, cdrbq now lives in it's own directory, which is also good. The program still works the same. If you install 1.19 and still get an older version when you run it, you have an old version in your path; remove the old version (tip: you can find it with the command "which cdrbq".

Another big change is a total rewrite of the preference code and saving/loading mechanisms. The downside is that your old config files will not work, but it was a necessary evil. The save/restore functions are now super trim and the program is much more efficient for it.

A small but significant change is the ability to preview audio tracks right in the main window. This works great on my Mandrake system, but if you have special considerations or switches you need to supply to mpg123 on your system, please let me know. I'll be adding in a few more options shortly.


January 9, 2003 - Version 1.18 now available.
Version 1.18 is now out in tgz and rpm. This is a very minor release which changes from the old menu buttons to the much nicer and easier to use menu bar. There are also some new keyboard shortcuts for commonly used items. Enjoy!

January 7, 2003 - Version 1.17 now available.
Hey folks, Brad here wishing you the best for a new year. I am proud to release version 1.17. This is the first new release under the new name CDRBQ and has the following new features:

If you have any bugs or suggestions, please feel free to contact

Version 1.16: Encore!
Brad Hudson pulls through again, this time with features supporting multi-session disks and different data modes. (I presume these new modes are for VCD and other special situations.) I haven't personally tested all these new features, but the patch sure looks pretty.

I recently mailed Brad some prototype code for some new interface ideas. We'll see how he responds.

Version 1.15: Happy New Year!
Thanks to Brad Hudson, we now have support for DAO mode and a few more burn speeds. It looks like he's quite the generous sort, and if we're all really nice to him, he might implement even more cool features.

It's actually kind of exciting to see this program moving forward again.

version 1.14: New version available with "overburn" support. Whatever that is. Also, I got tired of dealing without decent whitespace in the file, so that's all been sanified.

I think I'd like to port the whole thing to ruby. I had been messing with a complete rewrite in TCL, but I don't know how far that will go. Main outstanding issues are i18n and multisession burning. One day, perhaps I'll get some free time (or funding). Logo